About us

We asked ourselves "What is the most sustainable way to produce food? That's how we came up with the concept to produce food that bypasses traditional agriculture. We started Green-On to bring sustainable ingredients to the food and feed industry. 

Green-On is developing a unique technology to produce food ingredients, especially fat for the food and feed industry in a truly sustainable way. 

Sustainability is the core of the production technology. The production need no arable land, no fertilizers, limited amount of fresh water and there is no deforestation associated with the production. In addition, we can produce food in the dark and in areas were food production normally cannot take place, providing food security alongside a sustainable production. 

Our products can be used to replace fat from unsustainable sources such as dairy, coconut and palm oil. 

The Technology

Our concept is based on a ”Power-to-Food” technology that bipasses traditional agricultural production.

By using a process that combines capture of carbon dioxide, renewable or fossil-free electricity and water we produce the food ingredients, such as triglycerides (common fat) in a sustainable way.

We produce exactly the same molecules as plants and cows but we do it in a lab without organisms. 

The process and products

The type of ingredients we are focusing on is saturated fat (triglycerides). Saturated fat is today found in tropical plants sources such as coconut, palm oil and animal sources. These types of fats are associated with deforestation and substantial green-house gas emissions.

Our saturated fat can be custom made for the specific application and can be used in a variety of processed food products such as cheese, baked goods, ice-cream, chocolate and shortening. Using our technology, we can also provide mono- and diglycerides that is used as emulsifiers in a variety of food products. 

Partners and Customers


We want to co-create the future together with customers and partners. Contact us if you want to discuss how we can work together. 


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