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Eat that CO2

The climate crisis threatens our shores, our way of life, and even our food supply. Do you ever wish you could just eat that CO2 that everyone is panicking about? Well, turns out you can. By turning it into alternative oils and fats, without using arable land.

Sustainable Food

Green-On has developed a process that creates saturated fat from three simple ingredients—carbon dioxide, water, and electricity. It’s no exaggeration to say that we think we could save the world. Or at least help change it for the better. Creating sustainable food ingredients is just the first step. We have plans. Come, join us on the journey!

Substitute Ingredients

Different types of vegetable oils and dairy fats are at the core of many foods and sweets, but the way these ingredients are produced takes a toll on the environment.

Palm oil and coconut oil production as well as industrial scale livestock farming cause things like deforestation and massive greenhouse gas emissions, while being a direct threat to biodiversity.  We can create alternatives to these ingredients, and more.

Palm Oil
Coconut Oil
Dairy Products

Are you curious about sustainable food ingredients?
Want to help us save the world one pastry at a time?
We’re always looking for investors, partners, and customers.

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Green-On AB

Green-On is a Swedish tech start-up that specializes in organic chemistry. We have developed a way to re-create animal- and plant-based fats and oils in the lab, without farming.

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