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Product Development of Cheese

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It’s not ordinary, it’s non-dairy, it’s the Green-On cheese. Our latest creation melts in the mouth, looks like cheese, tastes like cheese, but has had no impact on cows or arable land. We produced it in Amsterdam and showcased it in collaboration with MISTA. 

Climate Impact

This cheese contains many sustainable profits. By substituting tropical fats with CO2 fat, we ultimately diminish deforestation of rainforests and thereby avoid contributing to animal species going extinct, we also avoid biocides and overfertilization. All in all, our food production remains within our planetary boundaries.

Green-On AB

Green-On is a Swedish tech start-up that specializes in organic chemistry. We have developed a way to re-create animal- and plant-based fats and oils in the lab, without farming.

Org. no. 559291-9913

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Green-On AB, World Trade Center
Mässans gata 10, 412 51 Göteborg

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