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Product Development of Cookie Filling

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At AAK bakery lab in Antwerp, a new product came to life—a coconut substitute made from CO2, electricity, and water. The Green-On substitute was used to create vanilla cookie filling, which was placed in between two gingerbreads. We’re proud to say that our end customer was more than happy with the result!

Why coconut substitute, though? 

Our mission at Green-On is to eliminate arable land and animals in food production. Coconut is used to create vegan cheese and fillings, making it a great alternative to dairy cheese and fillings, but it still requires arable land. With the Green-On coconut substitute, we manage to avoid both animals and arable land, at the same time as we contribute to vegan food production and remain within our planetary boundaries.

It’s a big step for us and the world, and we’re excited to share it with many more!

Green-On AB

Green-On is a Swedish tech start-up that specializes in organic chemistry. We have developed a way to re-create animal- and plant-based fats and oils in the lab, without farming.

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